Stephanie's Birthday Page!

My birthday is coming up on July 14th!

Throughout my whole life I've only had a handful of birthday parties - usually with only a couple guests. Being a July baby, everyone was always out of town when I'd try to plan something. Well, I've decided to make up for all those years I missed out. I'm throwing myself a silly, girly birthday party! Puppies and balloons and pastel colors everywhere!!

Since I am all grown up, I'm used to not getting birthday presents anymore. But, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it! For those of you who have asked for gift ideas, here are a few:

  • My Amazon Wishlist has lots of ideas!
  • Gift Cards: Starbucks, Amazon, Target, World Market, Bath & Body Works
  • E-Gift Cards: Forever 21, Amazon, Target Bath & Body Works
  • Anything dog or golden retriever related
  • Girly Stuff: silver or earthy jewelry, bath products, pretty scarves
  • Smelly Stuff: incense, scented oils and reed diffusers
  • Creative Stuff: painting supplies, jewelry-making supplies
  • Hugs!

Please sign my birthday card below!